Fix Your Money.
Fix Your Life.
I'll help you.

Are you debt free?
Either completely debt free,
or except for your home mortgage?
How about your budgeting skills?
Do you faithfully do a budget every month, together with your spouse if you're married, and stick to that budget, tracking all your transactions?
If you can honestly answer yes to the above two questions, then you may qualify for my wealth mentoring program designed especially for debt free people who want to focus on their long term goals for wealth building.
We'll focus on things like:
  • Vision casting

  • Goal setting

  • "What if"scenarios

  • Financial independence

  • Early retirement

  • Progress tracking

  • Asset protection

  • Estate planning

  • Tax avoidance

  • Creative generosity

With more flexible scheduling over a longer period of time.  And we'll probably even fine-tune your budgeting skills along the way, too.

Are you in debt?
Since the start of the
Covid-19 pandemic,
my clients have paid off

worth of debt.

What are you waiting for?
If you have money problems, I'll show you how to fix them. 

Together, we'll turn your
and your

3 Easy Steps:

1)   Complimentary consultation

2)   Information gathering

3)   First coaching session

Take the 1st step:  Let's talk.
Christian entrepreneurs!  You need this book.
Wisdom Work Wealth cover.jpg

Biblical perspectives on business as ministry, from 14 different authors (including me), both lay and clergy.  Short, easy to read chapters.

I was interviewed recently on Business Talk Radio out of NYC.  Have a listen to hear more about what I do as a money coach.
BusinessTalkRadio interview
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Grab a cup of coffee and join Samantha and me as we chat about my work life before becoming a coach, and about the biblical financial principles that form the foundation of my coaching practice.
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All Videos

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Struggling with financial issues?


As a Ramsey Master Financial Coach, my passion is helping people just like you, one-on-one, with a clear, step-by-step plan to get from wherever you are financially to where you want to go.

Not sure if coaching is right for you?

What do my clients have to say?

"....Personally, I think Beverly is the ideal financial coach. She has the heart of a teacher and I consider her to be like our financial mother. She understands the process of changing your financial destiny can be hard, yet she is very supportive in helping you through the process. On the other end, she sets boundaries and has rules/steps for you to follow. She has no problem holding you accountable to ensure you don’t stray from the path of success, which is financial freedom. I HIGHLY recommend  her services to anyone who desires to improve their personal financial situation."
                        Alan Silverio (landscaper) and Leah McGhee (clinical researcher)

The Wall Street Journal featured two of my clients in this article about Covid and baby boomers.
My local newspaper here in Pittsburgh did a story on financial coaching featuring a couple of my clients.
David Wysocki PG Aug2020.jpg

"Thank you very much Bev Miller for coming to our office and doing a presentation for all our employee's.  The presentation was thorough and easy to understand.  It was great to see that no matter what the pay scale is, everyone has the opportunity to achieve financial freedom.   The materials you provide can easily jump start and benefit anyone wanting to reach their financial goals.  Our employees left the meeting feeling enlightened and empowered.  Thanks again!"


Office Manager

Pleasant Valley Veterinary Center

Previous speaking topics:
  • Going to College Without Going Broke

  • The 2 Toughest Steps in Your Financial Plan

  • Personal Budgeting, Levels 1, 2 & 3

  • Cash Flow Management 101 for Small Business

  • Biblical Financial Principles

  • Biblical Finance Education in the NALC


Anybody who is ready to change their money habits for the better!  Students, new grads, singles and couples, with or without children, empty nesters, retirees, small business owners. You name it.

                                                Can I help YOU?

Young Businesswomen

3 Easy Steps:

1) Complimentary consultation

2) Information gathering

3) First coaching session

You know it's time to make a change.

The way you've been doing things has gotten you into a mess.

It's time for a new perspective, new information, and a new plan.

Head shot 2019.jpg
Beverly Miller is a Ramsey Master
Financial Coach
It's all about EXPERIENCE

As a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach since 2011,  and a Financial Peace coordinator since 2006, I have been "around the barn" a time or two (yeah I'm no spring chicken).  I have decades of personal experience (both mistakes and successes) as well as over a decade of experience helping others get their financial act together. Your money problems might seem overwhelming to you.  But I've seen some crazy stuff over the years and it takes an awful lot to make me gasp.  As a result, I can give you what you need:  perspective, a plan, and lots of hope.