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My husband John and I became completely debt-free (including our home) in 2001 when we were in our early forties, by doing the kinds of things that Dave Ramsey teaches, though I didn’t discover him on the radio until 2004. I began leading Financial Peace University (FPU) classes at my church soon thereafter, and helping class members with their budgets. In 2011, I completed Dave’s Counselor Training course (now known as Financial Coach Master Training), and I have been working since then with all kinds of people to help them learn God’s ways of handling money.  It’s been the most rewarding work of my life, and I look forward to continuing it for many years.

While we have paid our share of "stupid tax" over the years (like buying "nothing down" rental properties, and disallowed tax shelter investments, back in the 80’s), we have generally lived by the principles that I now teach my clients and can attest to the fact that they work.  (See my blog post "Your Mistakes Are Not Fatal".) Our combined income was decent, but frankly, each of our married daughters have surpassed our income at our peak, and before they reached the age of 30. (It's not about how much you make, but about how much you keep.) Our life is very stress-free now that we are both out of the corporate world.  We live quite easily on John’s pension and my coaching business, and we have a sizable nest egg that we don’t need to touch for living expenses.  We enjoy both a summer and a winter vacation home and spend a lot of time with our two daughters. Katie is married, and is a nurse practitioner. Her younger sister Lizzie is a veterinarian, also married. And we now have two beautiful granddaughters, Audrey and Maggie. We also have two cute-as-a-button little Havanese dogs, Sammie and Ronnie. 

What I Do
What I Do 

I can help you in a number of ways, from addressing isolated financial decisions to developing a complete game plan for your finances.

  • Do you need to work through a financial crisis?

  • Develop a working budget?

  • Eliminate debt?

  • Learn how to deal with collectors?

  • Establish a plan for retirement, or college?


Most people have more than one issue and they are often intertwined.


My specialty is helping people learn how to budget, and that one thing often solves a myriad of problems, and also provides a foundation for making the big decisions.

What I Don't Do 

I don’t sell financial products of any kind.


I only sell my time, knowledge, experience, and advice based on the training I've received from Dave Ramsey's team.


If you need things like insurance, legal advice like wills and estate plans, or advice on specific investments, I will refer you to someone I trust who provides what you need. However I will give you guidance on which of those products you should particularly look for or avoid.

Money Coach Bev
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