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Would you like to do what I do?

...that is, help others by becoming a financial coach?

The field of financial coaching is growing incredibly rapidly.  There is a huge need for our services out there, with lots of hurting people that need our help in learning how to budget, get out of debt, and build wealth. I am not all that far from retiring completely, so before I do, I want to help as many new coaches as I can, so that the need does not go unmet.  If you have ever considered becoming a financial coach, or have recently completed training, read on, and then let's talk.

What do I offer to new or potential financial coaches?

Just so you know, I do NOT offer the initial training course to become a financial coach.  In fact, there is no specific training that you HAVE to have.  However, there are a number of courses and certifications available, that would help you with both the knowledge you need to help people, and the credentials to help convince people that you CAN help them. The only course that I recommend, though, is the Ramsey Solutions course "Financial Coach Master Training" (FCMT). 

But a training course is only the beginning.  Running a successful financial coaching business takes far more.

There's a saying in the coaching world: 

"Every coach needs a coach." 

That's where I come in.


If you are familiar with the Ramsey plan, agree with it, and adhere to it in your own personal, family, and/or business finances, then you may be a good candidate to become a "Ramsey Coach", and help others to walk through the baby steps.  Taking FCMT is your next step.  But you will need lots of help after that.


Because of recent changes to the support systems offered by Ramsey Solutions to graduates of FCMT, there is more of a need than ever for independent coaches who coach other coaches.  I can help you with an intensive boot camp series to get your business up and running, as well as ongoing monthly coaching to navigate all of the issues you will encounter, to help you grow your business as fast as possible.


So if you think this business might be for you, then let's jump on a Zoom call and talk about it.  I can tell you what to expect, both in the training phase and beyond.  I can explain what support you can get from Ramsey Solutions, and what I can provide for you either in place of or in addition to their programs.

Use this link to learn more about my own qualifications as a financial coach.

Money Coach Bev
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