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Customized budget templates

Do you JUST need a budget template to get started?
Do you know how to USE a spreadsheet, but not how to create one?  At least not a GOOD one?
Well even if you DON'T know how to use a spreadsheet, you can use my budget template.

I've been creating customized budgets for all my coaching clients, for over 11 years now.  Many had never used a spreadsheet before in their life, but had no trouble learning to use mine. My budget format has evolved over time and continually improved based on feedback from real life users like you.

Things I provide that you won't find in other budgeting apps:

  • SIMPLE, common sense layout.  Anybody can understand this. Anybody.

  • Budget categories CUSTOMIZED to your family's needs, right down to kids' and pets' names.

  • Places to enter ALL SORTS of different income sources, with a note space for each one, and an automatic tally of your TOTAL available income.

  • Keep track of dates for receipt of various income sources.

  • Total Income available to be budgeted is compared to Remaining Unbudgeted and Total Unspent, all at a glance. 

  • Easily know whether your budget is zero-based or not, with eye-catching visual signals.

  • Over-budget line items are easily identified, with eye-catching visual signals.

  • Note space available for each line in your budget, visible at a glance.

  • Expense pages tally up your actual purchases by line item, with notes spaces for each purchase, and totals are automatically compared to your budget, with eye-catching signals if you are over-budget on any item.

  • Keep track of your SINKING FUND too, not only how much you save for each item each month, but the cumulative history over time, the total current allocation to each item, and the withdrawals for each item.  Easy to redistribute existing funds among different line items.  By entering your interest earned, your current exact balance shown will always match your actual balance.

  • Never lose money due to overspending.  Unspent totals from each month carryover to next month's budget, whether positive or negative.

  • PERSONAL, LIVE INSTRUCTION (by videoconference) on how to use the budget, and a follow up meeting.

  • Your questions answered by email between our two meetings.

  • Optional ongoing maintenance packages available at a low monthly subscription price.

All for only $250!

DISCLAIMER:  This is NOT coaching.  I will provide you with a budget template with categories customized for the needs of your household, with personal instruction on how to use it.  But I won't be asking for or analyzing your numbers (income or expenses), or advising you what the numbers in your budget SHOULD look like.  That part is up to you. Coaching involves me delving into the actual numbers of your income and expenses, in great detail, as if they were my own, and walking with you step by step over a period of time to change your behavior relative to money.. 

  • A desktop or laptop computer with internet access.  While you can access your budget from a tablet or phone, please use a computer until we are done with our two instructional meetings.  A camera on your computer is desirable so we can meet virtually, "face-to-face".

  • A gmail address with Google account.  Your budget will "live" in your Google Drive.

So how does this work?

5 Easy Steps:

  1.  Click "Sign Me Up".

  2. Complete questionnaire and enter payment by debit card.

  3. Use the link in your confirmation email to schedule our Zoom meeting, anytime after 48 hours from signing up.

  4. We'll meet via Zoom videoconference, I'll share your budget with you and teach you how to use it.

  5. We'll schedule a follow-up meeting to create your next month's budget.

Money Coach Bev
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