My Coaching Process

I offer a fee-based service with a couple of different options as described below. You'll need to send me your financial information prior to our first session so that I can prepare my recommendations and I can spend our time together explaining them instead of asking you endless questions.

My standard coaching subscription service consists of an initial 2 (ish) hour session, preferably in person if distance allows, and then regular monthly 1 hour sessions via online video conference. I also throw in brief check-up meetings if needed, especially during the first month or two while you're just getting started, and unlimited (within reason) emails, text and phone calls in between sessions. We will focus on developing and implementing your household budget and working your way through the Baby Steps, as well as covering other issues like insurances, wealth building and estate planning as necessary. The minimum commitment is 3 months, but the total number of sessions needed will be determined as you progress, with most clients needing about 6 to 12 months  

A VIP coaching session is available for isolated cases that meet certain criteria, and consists of a single session that generally runs about two to three hours. This is geared primarily for those in the later baby steps, who are experienced budgeters but who want to discuss single issues, for example, whether you can retire early or become a stay-at-home mom, what to do with an unexpected windfall, or you need to decide whether to buy or sell some property. I will gather and analyze all of your financial data beforehand, meet with you to discuss all of the options and ramifications, and prepare a written recommendation following our meeting.  


Ready to take the next step?  Here's how.

1.  INITIAL CONSULTATION                                      

(Schedule a specific day and time for your consultation here.)

Just call me at 724-448-6730We'll talk by phone or schedule an online video call, so we can get acquainted with each other.    I want to get a feel for the nature of your situation and take an initial look at your numbers, and you can ask whatever you want about me. Don't worry, this initial consultation is entirely FREE, and I can evaluate your issues, recommend which type of coaching session seems most appropriate for you, and give you some perspective, some hope, and probably even a timeline to reach your goals.  If you'll send me this Financial Snapshot form ahead of time, we can save some time on questions I'll need to ask you.


When we both agree that coaching is a good fit, I'll send you a registration form to complete, and set up your payment information. I will also send an in-depth form for you to provide me all your financial data, which I will analyze and then email you any remaining questions I may have. Once my questions have been answered, we can schedule your first appointment.


We'll get together either in person or by online videoconference. First sessions are usually in person if distance allows, while subsequent sessions are usually by videoconference. At the end of each meeting we will agree on your "homework" to complete before the next session, which you can schedule online here on my website. After our meeting, I will follow up to provide any additional information I may have promised during our meeting, and you likewise will update me on your progress.  

A Ramsey Preferred Financial Coach