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Go to College without Going Broke!!!

As I was trying to decide what to blog about this month, I looked at my to-do list, which includes finishing updates to my upcoming workshop with the same title as this article. I was inspired to do this talk last year because soooooo many of my clients are drowning in student loan debt. Even the older ones, some of whom have Parent Plus loans. The media has picked up on the crisis more and more in the last year, but only because it's gotten worse and worse, not better. So I thought I'd just take this opportunity to let you know that I'm still on this crusade and I hope you can help spread the word about my workshop on February 26 in Saxonburg. I'd like to pack the house, and convince everyone there not to take the path that most of their friends are that leads to years of financial hardship and sometimes ruin, due to student loan debt. I might try to record my talk this year and find a way to share it widely thereafter. I'm not the most tech-savvy, so no promises, but I do OK for an old broad, most of the time. But I'll post the flyer for the event below so you can grab and print it or email it or post it or whatever to help spread the word. You can also download the flyer on the front page of my website. Oh, and by the way, the event is free. And here is a quick rundown of the topics I'll be covering:

The severity of the student debt crisis

Whether and when you should go to college

How to minimize the cost of college

  • Choice of college

  • Transfer credits

  • Planning your major and credits

  • Avoiding pitfalls

How to maximize the value of your college degree (with a marketable degree)

How to pay for college without debt

  • Tax-free investment plans

  • Work!

  • Scholarships and grants

  • Gifts from family or friends

  • Monthly payment services

  • Traps to avoid

Graduate degrees...a reality check

If you can attend, great. If you can spread the word to others, even better. If you would like to attend but can't, let me know and I'll find a way to get the information to you some other way. But let's do our part to keep the next generation from suffering the way current millennials have been, due to the mistakes they've made through misinformation. Thanks.

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