"I have never been very good with money, and quite frankly, it gives me a lot of anxiety. Currently, I’m going through the toughest emotional and financial times of my life. While Bev can’t fix my heart, she has given me such peace.

I will go into a coaching session anxious and worried about what the future holds. She spells it out plainly and encourages me to keep going. Leaving her sessions I feel better. Nothing has changed about my situation except my perspective and my sense of control, and that is what good financial coaching is all about.

Her sound financial advice has saved me from being completely destitute by saving for a rainy day I didn’t know was coming."

 -Mary Faulds, internet marketing specialist

“I was crying for help when I met Bev. She showed me how to follow a budget, and start to pay off my debt. Bev adapted her coaching to my situation. She gives me hope for a brighter financial future!”   

 -Amy Werner, teacher's assistant

“Bev is amazing, she has a lot of passion for helping others. She took our situation of a lack of communication on financials and made it 2nd nature in our household. We now strongly believe budgeting is simple, all thanks to Bev!”   

 -Steve & Steph Basl, sr. business analyst, and teacher

"We are so thankful for meeting you, Bev. Your personal coaching sessions really helped us develop a reasonable plan to stay debt-free, budget and save. We especially appreciate the time you spent reviewing our information and then presenting us with a myriad of options to approach our monthly budget and savings goals. The decision to remain a stay-at-home mom has been easier because after we met with you, we went into overdrive to make it all work so we can live comfortably on one salary. The best thing is we remain debt-free and we have been able to continue to contribute to retirement and still set money aside for cars, vacations and college savings, etc. We keep moving forward and continue to keep our eyes on the prize. We are forever thankful that our paths crossed!"

The Lawrence family, attorney and former attorney (now stay-at-home mom)

"Beverly is an insightful and resourceful communicator of how to approach financial independence and living within one’s gifts. Those who currently sit at the helm of our various governmental agencies can definitely take some serious notes!! During her initial presentation I noted several "AHA" moments when areas appeared that were cloudy/gray for me and she connected the dots as it were. I would recommend her approach on the subject of personal finance to all my friends without question. Thank You Bev."

Kirk Moore, Forest Management at Pennsylvania DCNR  


"I contacted Bev to help me with budgeting shortly after purchasing my first home.  Navigating all of the expenses related to home ownership and establishing a new home were overwhelming.  Through sitting down with Bev, I was able to come up with a reasonable, realistic budget that put me back in the driver's seat with my money!  I would definitely recommend meeting with Bev as her insight as to what is reasonable for your life situation is valuable in creating a lasting budget.  Additionally, she gives you the tools so that you can alter your budget going forward as your situation changes." 


Jill Hanson, Tax Consultant


“We started working with Bev back in April of 2019 and it has been a very good thing. We still have a ways to go yet, but I can say without her help we would not be at the place where we are today. Money issues can be stressful but with a plan it doesn’t have to always be that way.”   

 -Vernon & Christie Sweigart, business owner and stay-at-home mom

“I am doing really well, and I have you to thank for it - last year at this time I was panicking and drowning in debt with no hope, and now I can see the end - I really appreciate all you’ve done for me! It has been life changing! Thank you again!”
(Six months later)    

"I want to AGAIN thank you so much for helping me to change my life and turn everything around. I am at peace, and I have you to thank for helping me see the way out. I will send you an update again, I just wanted to tell you how I was doing because I’m really proud of myself!" 

 -Jessica Ejzak, RN case manager

“My husband and I have had great experiences with Bev and getting us on track financially! Since the time we met her a couple years ago, we have paid off our cars, a graduate education, and are working through another graduate degree debt free. She is straightforward, easy to communicate, and gives clear direction on what needs to be done, and in what order. She can adapt to your situations and it was helpful for us to have an objective look at our financial processes. We would highly recommend Bev!!”   

 -Michelle & Pete Kaminski, hospital admin and engineering consultant

"Bev has been great in getting us motivated and working with us to develop a budget and financial plan that is working well.  By following the budget we’ve been able to pay off over $12,000 of debt in the last 4 months as well as consistently get money into savings for future expenses such as taxes, insurance and Christmas.  We feel like we have much more control and understanding of our financial future.  We still have a way to go, but with Bev’s help we have the knowledge and a clear and well defined plan to get there."

Vince and Leigh Anne Ciganik
Software developer and X-ray technician


"I read Dave's book, but I never would have stuck with the program and followed through without having Bev as my coach to guide me and keep me on track. The adjustments I made to pay off debt were a small price to pay for the sense of peace and freedom I now have. What a great feeling! I paid off $16,900 (car and home improvement loans)."     


Sherry Hofecker, Asst. Dir. of Rehabilitation                                                                


"Bev has been a great asset to my family as our savvy financial counselor. Initially, Bev helped us develop a gameplan of paying $45,000 in student loans when my wife just finished nursing school and when we were expecting our first child six months later. Bev analyzed our financial picture, offered tips on how and where to reduce unnecessary spending, and then helped us set up a detailed budget to follow. Needless to say, we stuck to Bev's advice and paid off the student loans in less than a year. Over the course of the next two years, we saved up an emergency fund equivalent to six months of expenses.  Thank you Bev!" 


Zach and Kaitlyn Hillegas

Zach is a CPA and Finance Director and Kait is a former nurse, now a stay-at-home mom

"Where your treasure is there your heart will be also."

Matt. 6:21

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