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Who I Help

Students & New Grads

I just love working with you guys! You are energetic, eager to learn, and aren’t yet entrenched in bad habits. However, far too many of you are deep in student loan debt, and trying to start your career and your adult life while dragging that anchor. I can help you to learn to budget, live on less (perhaps FAR less) than you make, plan out a strategy for knocking out that debt, and position yourself for the best chance at landing that dream job or advancing where you’re at.

If you’re still in school or looking at starting soon, I can help you avoid going into student loan debt in the first place and choose the best school for your needs, which will set you well ahead of your competition when you graduate


The biggest advantage you have as a single is that you don’t have someone else to either argue or agree with on your decisions. But your biggest disadvantage is that you also have no one to hold you accountable for your decisions. I can fill that void for you by giving you an experienced ear to bounce ideas off of, helping you get on a strict but workable budget, finding ways to increase or supplement your income, and helping you to feel confident about providing for your future (and that of your children if you are a single parent).

Small Business Owners

I can especially relate to those of you who run a small business or are self-employed professionals. The parallels to proper management of our personal finances are striking though. We have to run our business on less than we make, manage our cash flow, stay (or get) out of debt, and save for a rainy day or to expand our business with cash. You may know all that already, but sometimes it helps to get the perspective of someone who’s not as wrapped up in your business as you are.  You’d be surprised what a coach can see that may have escaped you before.


The biggest challenge for most couples is learning to work together as a team. In this stage of life you may be dealing with many things: kids, career issues, real estate, household expenses, debt of all kinds, worry about retirement, college and the like. Often one spouse is much more engaged in the financial decisions than the other, but it is essential that you get on the same page about money. I can help you identify your individual personality traits that are impacting your finances, and give you concrete ways for each of you to contribute to achieving your common goals. If you're engaged to be married, my coaching can be a great way to get you started off on the right foot when it comes to money.

PLEASE NOTE:  I’ve learned the hard way that both halves of a couple MUST be involved in the coaching process or it just doesn’t stand a chance of working. I don’t want to waste my time OR your time and money, so please be aware that I insist on the participation of both spouses in all meetings with me, whether in person or by phone or online. There are a few rare exceptions, but those are made at my sole discretion after some additional fact-finding.

Empty Nesters & Retirees

Congratulations! You’re discovering new-found freedom, having launched your now-grown children, and you are so close to retirement you can literally taste it, or maybe you’re already there. This stage of life brings its own challenges though, and you may be nervous about whether you can really enjoy life or whether you are going to outlive your money. I can do a thorough review from the 50,000 foot perspective, analyze all your sources of income, help you develop a reasonable budget, and guide you in making the most of this time while preparing an awesome legacy for your family, your church, and the world.

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